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About Us

Shinanoji is procured and manufactured, including the operation of stores. We are engaged in professional operations at all stages, such as store development and logistics, and we are expanding our business categories such as restaurants, cafes, and deli shops in that area. From Wakayama, we will accelerate our overseas expansion, and we will continue to expand our business in the future.

About the career-up image

Our goal is “to be a company that can value people in any way. I am happy to do that, and I try to make everyone act.

We strive to educate employees in a polite manner so that each employee will be at the core of the company in the future, and we aim to improve our careers in accordance with each individual.

About the education system

We have more than 30 years of history, and we have built our own know-how in all phases of product development, manufacturing, and store development, not just store operations.

The first step is to absorb the know-how that seniors have cultivated in their departments, learn about other divisions, or master the way.

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